This site respects your privacy

from Shutter, by Lewis Collard

I do not collect any information about you at all. I value your privacy; I believe that you should be free to read things and look at pretty pictures without worrying about how I or anyone else will be analysing your visit.

My site has no tracking, no ads, no stats packages, and definitely no creepy click-by-click analysis of your visits that most sites use. I only know if you've visited my site if you email me and tell me how great or awful I am.

This site carries no material that could give away information about your visits to my site to third parties. As I don't collect any information about you, I can't pass it on to any third parties, either.

I am able to log visits to this site, as any website can (and nearly all do), which could tell me your IP address, the time you visited, and the web browser you are using, but this is disabled in my web server's configuration (and I have absolutely no interest in looking at these logs anyway). I reserve the right to periodically turn on logging for performance analysis during periods of unexpected server load, bandwidth spikes or other technical problems; this will only be used to improve service to this site, not to creep on my visitors. Should logging be turned on for any reason, I will delete any logs within 48 hours of resolving the problem that caused me to turn it on.

This site does not use cookies. If you hit the "Turn on dyslexia friendly mode" button at the top of every textual page on this website, my site will store your preference on your computer using your browser's local storage in a way that is almost like a cookie, but as I don't track anything nobody (including me) will know that you've used it. I only know that anyone has used it at all because I've had some good feedback by email!

Your connection to this site is encrypted.

If you run a small non-commercial website like mine and have no good reason to creep on your visitors, please consider adopting at least some of my privacy principles and make the Web a little bit nicer for everyone. Thank you! <3