Shutter, by Lewis Collard

a site about Lewis taking pictures

This site exists because I want you to get out there, with whatever camera you have, and take much better photographs than I do. I hope you find something of value here that will help you do that. :)

I started writing about this stuff in 2009, and most of it was written between then and 2013. I make no attempt to keep any of it up to date. I'll still like you if you disagree with anything I say on this site; chances are I don't agree with myself either.


  • Canon A-1

    A legendary 35mm camera from the late 1970s, and my favourite camera ever made.

  • Canon EOS D30

    A long-obsolete, mostly-forgotten 3-megapixel digital SLR.

  • Canon T50

    An ugly automatic-exposure manual-focus SLR from 1983.

  • Canon T90

    The first modern camera (1986).

  • Fujica ST705

    A fully manual M42-mount camera with open-aperture metering.

  • Fujifilm X100

    A flawed gem. I ragequit my first one, then bought another because I liked it so much.

  • Kiev 88 "Hasselbladski"

    All the ergonomics of a camera from the 1940s with all the quality control of the Soviet Union.

  • Nikon D1

    Nikon's most important camera of the 1990s, and one of the most important cameras ever made. There is a sub-article on the PowerSmart aftermarket battery which worked better than Nikon's own ever did.

  • Nikon D2H

    A little celebration of my D2H which I bought with over 390,000 shutter actuations!

  • Nikon D2Hs

    A subtly improved D2H. I've owned three of these; I bought ludicrously high-mileage ones then wore them out at drift events.

  • Nikon D70

    Nikon's first cheap digital SLR, from 2004.

  • Nikon F55

    Plastic film SLR from the early-to-mid-2000s.

  • Olympus Trip 35

    No batteries required! There is a sub-article on how to focus it.

  • Pentax ZX-M/MZ-M

    The plastic-fantastic miracle. Weighs less than the motordrive for the A-1! I got it for free.

  • Praktica MTL3

    An extremely tough, fully-manual SLR camera from the late 70s.

  • Samsung Galaxy S2

    Reviewing the camera on 2011's finest Android phone. (Yep, this site has been around for a while!)

  • Nikon bargain digital SLR deathmatch!

    D2H vs D200 vs D70 vs D1! This was written back when these cameras were merely very cheap; these days you can get any of them almost for free.

  • Ancient professional bargain SLR DEATHMATCH!

    Nikon D2Hs vs Canon EOS 1D Mark II! Again, any of these cameras cost almost nothing then and cost even less now.




Some things that aren't cameras, but are closely related.

Technical, opinions, etc

The technical parts articles here still hold up. The opinions less so. These days I try to have no more opinions than are strictly necessary. I'd much rather talk about what I did and things I like instead, rather than tell anyone else what they should be doing.