The article that was formerly "HDR sucks"

from Shutter, by Lewis Collard

This article no longer exists because over the years I have realised that the style of discourse it employed - the "clever" one-liner, the sweary invective, the obvious-but-"hilarious" strawman - divides people, did not make anyone's lives better, and could not change anyone's minds. And if you are one of the people who do HDR and who has seen the previous article weaponised (by people other than myself) as an attack on you in various Internet fora: I apologise.

In lieu of reading the article you wanted to see, I suggest getting out there and taking some photos, HDR or not, with whatever camera you have. Or read something else on this site, or see what I am up to these days. Or you could look at a picture of a cat instead :)

Picture of a cat.